Remediation of industrial real estate and property

We lead and execute complicated projects for customers with environmental responsibility and commitment to contaminated buildings and land. We coordinate the required competence and resources to an efficient package.
We have extensive experience of all applicable contacts with authorities and subsequent reporting. If you are facing a closure project, demolition or production decommissioning, please feel free to contact us for further discussions.

Other consulting services

We have long experience of working in leading positions within the industry section. Whatever you wish to improve in your operations we are happy to propose how we may support you fulfilling your targets. If you intend to sell an industrial real estate we offer support and guidance throughout the sales process.
Project Management
We offer Project Management to the extension required by the customer. Everything from pre-studies to execution and final reporting. All work is based on the fact that health, safety and environment are the most important aspects to our customers.
Reconsil have a unique competence regarding handling of mercury including vast practical experience which we gladly share with our customers.
Spot remediation
In our projects there may arise a need for remediation. The customers should always feel confident that all such problems will be resolved, whether expected or previously unknown.
The operational part of industrial demolition is always executed by carefully chosen specialists. We can manage the whole process from procurement to actual demolition if the customers so wishes.