Since 2011 Reconsil have managed projects and challenges for our customers in conjunction with closure of industrial operations. We have always let the project goals and targets set the scope of our work, without creating limitations prematurely. Maybe it is our background as customers of project management, services
and contractors which gave us knowledge of how You want your service providers to act and behave. After long services in leading positions within the process industry (Akzo Nobel) we gained practical know-how of a Site closure and which resources and competence is required for such a task. In short, we know how to do it.

Marcus Gustafsson | Managing Director/Owner

Former Mechanical Engineer and Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science at the University of Chalmers.
Between 1993-2001 at sea in various positions. Finalized the years at sea as Chief Officer on chemical tankers.
Employed by Akzo Nobel Industrial Chemicals from 2001 as Maintenance Manager and Plant Manager at the MCA-plant. Managing Director 2007-2010. Started Reconsil in 2011.

Anders Ljungberg | Project Manager/Owner

Background from Technical Collage and thereafter employed by Akzo Nobel Industrial Chemicals from 1988 as Shift Supervisor and Maintenance Manager in the Chlorine plant. Started as Site Maintenance Manager in 2006.
Started Reconsil in 2011.